Tata Photon Data Card

Tata Photon Data Card is a removable computer component having small size like pen drive. Being a wireless device, the tata photon card can be used to access internet even while roaming. It helps you keep stay in touch with your internet world, wherever you go.

Tata has launched this new Tata Photon Data Card which is a wireless USB based Broadband Service – named as Tata Photon+. Tata Photon+ is having a speed of Up to 3.1 Mbps and we can access internet from anywhere where there is mobile signal coverage.  Downloading speed depends on the networks and strength of networks.

Tata Photon+ USB Data Card is a very easy to use – plug and play device.  Everything is inbuilt into this small device. No cd or dvd is required. Just plug the data card into USB drive of your laptop or desktop and start using it.  As Tata Photon Data Card comes with Inbuilt software that executes itself once you plugin to USB drive – Installation process is pretty simple and if you can just click “Next” then you can install it by yourself. You’ll get the user friendly interface and it’ll guide you what to do next. Just follow the steps. No additional software is required. You can use the same Photon+ USB data card in any computer you need.

Look wise, the Tata Photon Data Card is sleek and stylish. It also comes with with MicroSD card slot so that you can store data in it.  It can support Upto 4GB of data storage. So, if you have this device there is no need to carry extra pen drive to carry personal stuff. You can use Tata Photon+ USB Data card for that. Speed of this device is excellent. Its 20 times faster than normal internet connection. The Photon+  provides faster access to e-mail, audio and video streaming without any break. It supports both laptops and desktop computers. Its compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, windows7, Mac OS, Linux. It means no need to worry which operating system you are using.  Tata Photon Data card is having 1 year limited warranty also.

Tata Photon+ Data Card is having a Price of  Rs.1499 but currently it’s available at Rs.1299/- (Inclusive of Taxes). You also have options to chose from different tata photon tariff plans -  starting from Rs.500/Month to Rs.1,500/Month.  Recently, Tata Photon+ also introduced an unlimited download plan. Connectivity of Tata Photon Data card is pretty good across India and they also provide Free National Roaming. It means you can use same device anywhere in India without paying any extra roaming charges.  Photon+ is having great high speed network presence all over India. Till now Tata Photon+ network is  available in 21 states. If you need to buy tata photon for delivery anywhere in India, please call 08030412994 [Extn: 11]

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