Tata Photon Tariff

Tata Photon comes with various attractive Tariff Plans which can be used as per requirement. There are two kinds of Tata Photon Tariff Plans.

For more usage like surfing, chatting, voice calls, sometimes videos you can go for Rs.750 tariff plan of tata photon. For heavy users who want to do lots of surfing, voice calls, video downloads, video calls and sometime online movies can opt for Rs.950, Rs.1200 or Rs.1500 plan according to the requirement.

There are multiple Tata Photon tariff options - so you must select the tariff according to your requirement.  Because if you exceed the limit of your pan, you will have to pay  Rs.1/Mb for extra usage.

Tata Photon tariff plans are based on 1) Data download and 2) Time used. Below are the Tata photon tariff plans :

A. Tata Photon Tariff – Data Download Based Plan

Rs.450 Per Month     2.0GB [Good for home usage & video]
Rs.950 Per Month 6GB Unlimited Download* & Rs.100 Cashback for 12 months
Rs.1200 Per Month 11GB Unlimited Download* & Rs.100 Cashback for 12 months
Rs.1500 Per Month 15GB Unlimited Download* & Rs.100 Cashback for 12 months

In above Tata Photon tariff plans as you can see the starting option is Rs.500 per month data usage plans. If your requirement is only net surfing then you can go for this plan.

If you see the Tata Photon Tariff  Plans mentioned above, you can see that monthly plans from Rs.950 to Rs.1500 have unlimited download options. Which means you can do unlimited download in those monthly plans. But there is a condition of Fair usage policy.

It means if you are in Rs.950 plan you will  get speed of up to 3.1Mbps till 6GB download and once you cross that Tata Photon+ Data Card will automatically switch  to low speed of 156kbps. Which means you will still be able to use the Tata Photon Card without paying extra money but the speed will be lesser.

Same condition apply for Rs.1200 and Rs.1500 Tata Photon Tariff Plans as well.

B. Tata Photon Tariff – Time Based Plans [ Unlimited download in Limited Time ]

Rs.500 Per Month 30 Hours

In this tariff option, you will be charged based on how many hours you have used the internet. In this tariff plan you can download unlimited data in limited time.

As you can see, there is a starting plan of Rs.500 per month for 30 hours  of usage. It means you can access internet for a total of 30 hours in 1 month. And with in 30 hours you can download any kind of data.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing – surfing, making video calls, seeing videos or downloading movies. If you cross the mentioned time limit within a month, you will have to pay Rs.1/Min extra usage charge.

Tata Photon Tariff Plans are flexible enough so that every month you can change tariff plans according to your requirement.

This gives you huge advantage because you can keep changing the plans every month based on expected requirements. For booking tata photon+, you can call 08030412994 [Extn: 11]

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